Intelligent Performance Through Adaptive Design

The Gecko Obsidian OBS6000-GB is a no compromise 6 shelf Hi-Fi rack, no expense has been spared with high quality raw materials sourced from across the world incorporated into a highly developed design framework. Each and every component of the Gecko Obsidian has been geared to maximise audio and video performance, isolated glass shelves feature heavy duty clamps designed to almost entirely eliminate unwanted vibrations and resonance. A class leading cable management system integrates a surge protected power strip resulting in the ability to power 6 AV components with just one power cable running from the wall to the rack.

21st century audio equipment requires a 21st century Hi-Fi rack to operate at peak performance levels. The Gecko Obsidian has been designed around the principles of isolation and solidity, each element of the Hi-Fi rack works to reduce resonance and each element is independently isolated. As a result unwanted vibrations are initially reduced to minimal levels; the independent shelves prevent even minimal vibrations from resonating elsewhere on the rack.


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