Intelligent Performance Through Adaptive Design

The Gecko Sapphire SAP1200 has concave curved sides and a glorious gloss black finish with chrome trim, forming a TV cabinet structure perfect suited to the latest generations of LED, LCD and Plasma television screens.

Intelligent darkened glass fronts conceal audio and video equipment from view yet enable IR and RF remote controls to function through the safety glass panels. The reflective gloss surfaces accentuate lighting and the illusion of space. The wooden cabinet panels are supported by a strengthened steel framework.

Gecko never lost sight of AV functionality when designing the Sapphire SAP1200 cabinet, designed to accommodate all types of audio and video components in addition to having the necessary structural strength to support larger television sets.


SAP1200front.png SAP1200open.png SAP1200life.png
  • SAP1200front.png
  • SAP1200open.png
  • SAP1200life.png